Case Study – Boosting Digital Education at Noosa Christian College

Noosa Christian College, situated in Queensland, Australia, is committed to providing a holistic, well-rounded education to its diverse student body. In line with this commitment, the school has recently adopted our product, Zenva Schools, to address the challenges posed by teaching digital technologies and ensure a consistent, high-quality learning experience in accordance with the Australian Curriculum.

Secondary teacher, Michael Taylor, recognized the need for a more streamlined approach to digital technology education that would cater to the varying abilities and interpretations of students and staff. Zenva Schools, with its comprehensive online learning platform, provided the perfect solution for Noosa Christian College to enhance their digital technologies curriculum and better engage their students.

The Challenge

Teaching digital technologies presents several unique challenges, particularly in addressing the diverse abilities and interpretations among both students and staff. Ensuring consistency and meeting the Australian Curriculum requirements in digital technology education can prove to be quite difficult, as it relies heavily on the teachers’ varying skill sets and the available teaching resources.

Furthermore, the subject of digital technologies requires a distinct approach compared to traditional subjects like Science and Mathematics. The dynamic nature of technology and its rapidly evolving landscape demand an adaptive platform that can stay up-to-date with the latest advances and best practices.

To address these challenges and ensure that students receive high-quality digital technology education, Noosa Christian College identified the need for an adaptable platform similar to those used in Science and Mathematics education. By implementing an online learning platform like Zenva Schools, the college aimed to provide a consistent, easy-to-follow curriculum that would meet the Australian Curriculum requirements while catering to the diverse needs of its staff and students.


Zenva Schools played a crucial role in helping Noosa Christian College transition to version 9 of the Australian Curriculum for Digital Technologies. The platform provided the necessary tools and resources to align the school’s curriculum with the updated standards, ensuring that students were receiving a relevant and comprehensive education.

During the trial period, Zenva Schools demonstrated its flexibility and adaptability, accommodating the needs of the school by providing extra time when needed. This allowed the teachers and staff at Noosa Christian College to gain a deeper understanding of the platform, assessing its potential impact on their digital technologies curriculum before fully committing to it.

As a result, around 104 students across different grade levels, along with five to six teachers, began using Zenva Schools at Noosa Christian College. This implementation not only streamlined the school’s digital technologies curriculum but also offered an innovative and engaging learning experience for all involved.

Platform Usage

Zenva Schools was implemented across various grade levels, from grade 3 to 10, at Noosa Christian College, with different approaches tailored to the needs of primary and secondary school students. This flexibility allowed the school to provide an age-appropriate and customized learning experience, ensuring that the curriculum was suitable for each student’s capabilities.

For primary school classes, teachers often used Zenva Schools to guide the students through new concepts as a group. By presenting the content collectively, teachers could pause and discuss the material, ensuring that students were following along and understanding the topic at hand. This approach was particularly effective in helping primary students grasp foundational digital technology concepts while maintaining engagement.

In secondary school classes, teachers utilized Zenva Schools in a more self-paced format, allowing students to work through the content at their own speed. This approach gave teachers the opportunity to address different students’ abilities, providing additional support and guidance as needed. Moreover, secondary students could delve into more complex topics related to digital technologies, such as advanced programming and game design.

One of the key benefits of using Zenva Schools across different year levels was the time saved in lesson preparation for teachers. By accessing the platform’s extensive library of pre-built content, teachers could focus their efforts on providing tailored support and guidance to their students, rather than spending excessive time searching for relevant resources. As a result, Zenva Schools not only ensured the efficiency and effectiveness of the digital technologies curriculum but also enabled the teachers to better address the diverse abilities of students across all grade levels.

By incorporating Zenva Schools into their curriculum, Noosa Christian College successfully created a more cohesive and consistent digital technology education program. Both primary and secondary school teachers were able to adapt the platform to their specific teaching methods and requirements while providing their students with an engaging and relevant learning experience.

School Success

Implementing Zenva Schools at Noosa Christian College greatly contributed to the teachers’ success in meeting the Australian Curriculum requirements and saving time. By providing a comprehensive and flexible platform, teachers were able to adapt the curriculum to suit their students’ needs while ensuring that all necessary components of the Australian Curriculum were covered.

Students found the platform engaging, as evidenced by the anecdote shared by Michael Taylor about the Unity program assignment. This particular assignment, which involved students creating their own games, was regarded as the best assignment they had ever done in school. Such positive feedback illustrates the effectiveness of Zenva Schools in fostering student interest and enthusiasm for digital technologies.

Additionally, Zenva Schools provided valuable data for report cards and evidence of learning, allowing teachers to better track their students’ progress and overall comprehension of the curriculum.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite the benefits of using Zenva Schools, teachers faced some challenges, such as IT restrictions, software installations, and adjusting to different terminologies. However, with persistence and open communication, these hurdles were overcome. By sharing tips and tricks, Michael Taylor helped fellow teachers navigate challenges related to IT issues, while still encouraging and supporting their use of the platform.

For teachers considering Zenva Schools, some advice to make the most of the platform includes:

  • Being prepared: Ensure you have the necessary IT permissions and software installations in place before introducing Zenva Schools to your students.
  • Trying it out: Take advantage of trial periods to familiarize yourself with the platform and gauge its suitability for your students and curriculum.
  • Staying ahead of the students: Strive to be several lessons or even a unit ahead of your students, allowing you to anticipate questions, address any issues, and provide better support.


In summary, the introduction of Zenva Schools at Noosa Christian College has led to numerous benefits in terms of aligning with the Australian Curriculum, saving time for teachers, and engaging students in Digital Technologies education. The platform’s adaptability, comprehensive content, and user-friendly interface have transformed the digital technology learning experience for both teachers and students.

Noosa Christian College’s success with Zenva Schools demonstrates the potential that this platform has for revolutionizing digital technology education in schools across Australia and beyond. Other schools looking to enhance their digital technologies curriculum and provide a consistent, engaging, and relevant learning experience should consider giving Zenva Schools a try, and experience the benefits firsthand.