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Workshops for Teachers

Sessions can be arranged in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.


This module teaches the basics of web development and HTML. No prior coding or web develoment experience is required. Topics covered included:

  • How the WWW works (request vs reponse / client vs server)
  • HTML tags from the group-up
  • Working with lists, images and links to other websites
  • Capturing qualitative and quantitative data via HTML forms
  • Representing data in HTML tables


In this module, attendants will learn the process of styling a website with CSS and the basics principles behind responsive web design (RWD).

  • Separation of content and style in web development
  • Selecting elements by class, tag or ID
  • Organizing layouts with the Box Model
  • Using typography and border decorations in websites
  • Responsive web design principles


Through out this module attendants will gain familiarity and experience with the JavaScript programming language. JavaScript is now used not just for web development, but also game, mobile app, server and database development.

  • Variables, functions, objects, loops
  • Iterations and control flow structures
  • Representing real world entities as Objects
  • Working with arrays
  • Arithmetic operations using variables and functions

Game Development with Phaser

By using JavaScript and the Phaser library, attendants will learn to build cross-platform games of different genres and to create interactive and animated experiences.

  • Sprite positioning, coordinates, rotation, scaling
  • Programming sprite animations and tweens
  • Running games in the browser or web server
  • Incorporating randomness in computer programs
  • Creating engaging and fun video games for mobile and desktop

Game Development with Unity

In this module, attendants will learn the basics of game creation and programming in C# with the Unity Engine.

  • Learn to code in C# to create engaging Unity games
  • Creating simple 3D scenes with interactive elements
  • Incorporating physics
  • Exporting games so they can be played in the browser
  • Utilising pre-existing assets to help students put together simple games

Virtual Reality with Unity

In this module, attendants will learn to create immersive virtual reality experiences with the Unity engine.

  • Basics of virtual reality and it's applications
  • Locomotion and the prevention of simulator sickness
  • User interactions in VR
  • Developing VR games without a VR headset
  • Running VR games in Google Cardboard and other headsets


Different topics related to Python can be covered depending upon request.

  • Basics of programming, variables, control flow, objects
  • Game development with Pygame
  • User interface design with TK


Pablo Farias Navarro

  • Master of Information Technology Management (University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Master of Science in Engineering (Catholic University of Chile)
  • Certified in Unity Game Development by Unity Technologies
  • Trainer at the HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco (2014 and 2015)
  • Current participant of the Intel Software Innovator Program in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Author and co-author of over 50 online programming courses, taken by over 250,000 students
  • Experienced in web, mobile, game development, databases and engineering simulations.

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