40 Schools, Unlimited Potential: Supporting Tomorrow’s Developers

Zenva Schools is excited to announce its partnership with the ACS and the Queensland Government’s Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, in a mission to help support the next generation of developers.

As part of Queensland’s Gateway to Industry Schools program, Zenva Schools is currently being rolled out to 40 local schools in an initiative to provide students with the in-demand skills needed to succeed in today’s tech workforce. The online, e-learning platform features courses on programming and development that support the Australian Curriculum in Digital Technologies for years 7 to 10, with efforts underway to support years 11, 12, and vocational training.

Zenva Schools has been designed by industry experts under consultation from Australian teachers, and includes a variety of features designed specifically for classroom learning – including the ability to sort students into online classrooms, assign specific courses, and track student progress.

The courses themselves can be tailored to the needs of individual students with a wide range of learning materials, including video lessons and guides created by industry practitioners, downloadable project files, and interactive exercises. Topics covered include general coding, along with how to build games, apps, and websites.

Schools in the Gateway to Industry Schools program have already implemented Zenva Schools with great success. At Townsville’s Ignatius Park College, two of the Unity courses were trialed in the Year 9 cohort. Jake Jackson, one of the class teachers, reported that Zenva Schools not only kept students highly engaged, but that it was also a valuable teaching aid: “I got to see where you guys structured and sequenced all the learning opportunities within C# and Unity. So it helped with my unit planning as well as my teaching, so that’s why I enjoyed it”. They look forward to expanding their use of Zenva Schools in 2022.

Zenva Schools is looking for additional school partners to pilot this new platform – if you’d like to join, register your interest here.