Product Update: January 2023

Welcome to our monthly update about Zenva Schools!

Here, you’ll find the latest platform developments, our newest courses, and more.

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1. New: Single Sign-On SSO

Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available on Zenva Schools! Both students and teachers can now log in using:

  • Microsoft accounts (Azure AD or Office 365)
  • Google accounts

1.1. IMPORTANT: Before Enabling SSO

If your school uses either Google or Microsoft (Azure AD or Office 365) accounts, SSO will automatically work for teacher accounts.

If your Zenva Schools account is configured to use email login, and your students are using Google or Microsoft (Azure AD or Office 365) accounts, SSO will automatically work for student accounts.

If your Zenva Schools account is configured for username login (i.e. student numbers), SSO will not work until this is changed to email login.

Note: Switching from username to email login when you already have student accounts may cause login issues for your students. We strongly recommend that you only do this between terms. To switch from username to email login, follow this guide exactly, and contact us if you need any assistance!

1.2. To Enable SSO:

1. Visit School Settings and enable login via email.

2. Add students to the School Students list, using the same email that they use for your preferred SSO option.

3. Then, students can log in by selecting Connect with > Google/Microsoft and following the prompts to sign in:

Note: Students will still have a separate password for Zenva Schools that they can use to log in, just in case something happens to their SSO account.

For more detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips, check out this article.

2. New: Lesson Note Improvements

Do your students like to watch the videos with the Lesson Notes open?

Now, the Lesson Notes tab will stay open between lessons – so students can spend more time learning, and less time customizing their video settings.

3. New: Case Study

Want some inspiration on how you can implement Zenva Schools in your classroom?

Check out our latest case study on St Brendan’s College. It discusses how they used Zenva Schools to teach real-world skills, increase student engagement, and improve classroom management.


4. Tips for Starting the School Year

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to starting the year with Zenva Schools!

Designed to help you get the most out of our platform, it covers how to find our latest courses and resources, along with how to manage changes to classrooms, students, and colleagues.


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