Product Update: April 2023

Welcome to our monthly update about Zenva Schools!

Here, you’ll find the latest platform developments, our newest courses, and more.

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1. New: Courses on Godot 4

We’ve updated our catalog with some courses on the newly released Godot 4 engine!

Designed specifically to make building visually impressive games simple and easy, Godot 4 is the perfect choice for students:

  • Intro to Game Development with Godot 4: Learn the basics of the engine, how to use nodes, scenes, GDScript, & interactivity
  • Godot 4 Mini-Projects: Create your first projects, including a physics sandbox, skiing game, & balloon popper
  • Godot 4 Project – 2D Platformer: Build a 2D Platformer with multiple levels, enemies, obstacles, and scoring


2. Teacher Tips

Did you know that you can save time with our mapped curriculums?

We have mapped individual courses to version 8.4 and version 9 of the Australian Curriculum in Digital Technologies.

We also have Unit Plans available, featuring full scope and sequence for Digital Technologies for an 8-week term (including outcomes, class activities, resources, and more).

3. Case Study: Park Ridge SHS

Schools across the world are succeeding with Zenva Schools – and Park Ridge State High School is no exception. 

Based in Brisbane, Australia, they saw increased student motivation, higher engagement, and improved learning outcomes – including for lower-level and advanced students alike. 

Check out the full case study here to learn how they did it.