How To Use Google Classroom For Effective Classroom Teaching

For understandable reasons, many schools are engaging with remote teaching in the modern age – even in K12 environments. However, managing a remote teaching environment can be a challenge, even though many companies are designing platforms to make it easier.

Google Classroom is a popular example of one of these platforms made with modern age needs in mind. It can perform numerous tasks that streamline assigning tasks and assessing students. However, how do you actually use it in a classroom?

In this guide, you’ll learn why Google Classroom makes a great addition to your teaching tools, gain insight into how it works, and also find out why pairing it with Zenva Schools can make it even better!

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Why Should You Use Google Classroom In A Classroom?

Before we start detailing how to use the features of Google Classroom, we need to take you through why it is an excellent tool for the classroom (especially in the modern era of teaching).

Here is why you should use Google Classroom in a classroom.

  • It can improve communication between teachers and students with assignment tools and the question tool.
  • It makes it far easier for educators to assess students. 
  • You can ensure your class is up-to-date by creating class announcements.
How To Use Google Classroom For Effective Classroom Teaching

What Are The Basic Features Of Google Classroom You Should Use In A Classroom?

Before going into more detail on how to use Google Classroom, you need to know about the best features of the platform.

All these features make it easier for teachers to relay information to students and learn about their progression.

Here are the features on Google Classroom that teachers use in a classroom the most.

  • The Google Classroom Assignment tool can streamline the process of giving tasks to students. You can set assignments for the whole class or individually assign tasks if your students’ ability levels differ.
  • The Google Classroom announcement tool lets you send announcements to the entire class to ensure they don’t miss vital information. For example, if you extend the due date for an assignment.
  • The question tool is popular because it allows teachers and students to communicate via a question and answer system.
  • The assessment page is popular because it makes the process of assessing students quicker and easier.

How Do You Use Google Classroom In The Classroom?

Now you know the most popular Google Classroom tools, you need to learn how to use them to improve processes in a classroom.

All the features below are beneficial to making several classroom processes easier for teachers. Additionally, they streamline processes so they are faster than they would be without Google Classrooms.

Here is how to use Google Classroom in a classroom.

How To Use Google Classroom For Effective Classroom Teaching

You Can Use It To Set Assignments For Students

The Google Classroom assignment tool is the best tool on the platform because it simplifies and streamlines an otherwise time-consuming process. Additionally, it is the best feature for schools that partly or wholly focus on remote teaching.

All you need to do to use the assignment tool is head to the tool, upload or link to a task, add a description, and send it to students. This is especially handy for users of platforms like Zenva Schools, where it’s easy to link and assign required course content for students to watch.

One of the best parts of the assignment tool is that you can assign tasks to an entire class or individuals. This is especially beneficial if you use a teaching resource platform like Zenva Schools where the material offered has multiple difficulty levels for its courses.

On top of this, you can also create a full schedule for assignment times to plan multiple student assignments. There’s also a reporting tool so teachers can check student assignments for plagiarism once everything is said and done!

You Can Easily Grade Your Students Within A Single Page

Assessing students and marking their assignments can be time-consuming and exhausting if you do it by hand. Therefore, Google Classroom has a handy tool so teachers can grade and assess students on an easy-to-access online page.

When a student hands in a project or assignment, it will automatically go to the assessment page. You can quickly grade all your students from here with several helpful tools (and there’s no misplacing an assignment on the way home either). 

Additionally, you can use the grade tab on Google Classroom to see how each student is doing, which can be vitally helpful when using platforms like Zenva Schools and determining where students are at with their skill levels.

With every graded student assignment on the tab, you can use it to effectively decide if a student is progressing at the desired rate or needs extra help to improve.

You Can Ask Questions To Students On Google Classrooms To Keep Them Engaged

The question tab on Google Classroom is brilliant for communicating with students. The general idea is that you ask a question in the tab (either to the entire class or individually selected students), and students can reply with their answers.

One of the uses for the Question tab is to quiz students on a particular element of the subject they are currently working on to keep them engaged. Quiz questions are also a great way to determine if your students are paying attention to the teachings in assigned tasks and courses you are giving them.

As well as quizzing students, you can ask them questions to work out how they are progressing with a specific course or task. These types of questions are especially brilliant if you need to know if your students are progressing with tasks from an online teaching platform like Zenva Schools.

You can also use the question tab to communicate more effectively with students. For example, you can ask them how they are doing or if they are enjoying a particular subject or topic to determine whether they are having fun in your class.

How To Use Google Classroom For Effective Classroom Teaching

You Can Send Announcements To The Whole Class To Streamline The Information Sharing Process

Another handy tool on Google Classroom is the announcement tool; teachers can use it to send announcements to their entire class with minimum effort. An example announcement is if you need to inform the whole class of a due date extension for an assignment.

To send an announcement, you can head to the announcement tab, create the message you want to send and either send it via the homepage or email ( email is better if you have a specific time in mind for the announcement).

Additionally, you can add attachments and links to announcements that require more than just a few sentences. You can also turn on comments for the announcement to get student feedback. This can be a great way to find out just what topics your students want to learn next to ensure you’re keeping them engaged.

How Can Zenva Schools Help When Using Google Classroom In A Classroom?

The final stage of our Google Classroom guide is to inform you how you can pair it with the excellent teaching resources on Zenva Schools.

Zenva Schools has multiple digital technology courses and resources for students. With Google Classroom, you can streamline a lot of the digital technologies teaching process and provide benefit to yourself and your students.

You Can Assign Zenva Schools Teaching Resources On Google Classroom

The Google Classroom assignment tab is excellent for streamlining the task assignment process; this pairs beautifully with Zenva Schools.

Once you assign a Zenva Schools course to a student, they complete it at their own pace. However, you must ensure that you assign the courses to the correct students first.

Google Classroom is perfect for ensuring that each student is working on a Zenva Schools course that is appropriate for their ability level. For example, if you have some students who require entry-level teaching resources and some who need intermediate-level courses, you can assign Zenva Schools courses separately. 

However, if you aim to keep your class’ progression as even as possible, you can assign the same Zenva Schools teaching resource to every student in your class. Then, if some students complete the course faster than others (and to a higher standard), you can individually assign them a more challenging assignment to ensure students don’t disengage entirely.

Additionally, you can assign Zenva Schools’ courses to multiple classes and keep track of which class is completing a particular course on Google Classroom’s class monitoring tool.

How To Use Google Classroom For Effective Classroom Teaching

You Can Sync The Analytics On Zenva Schools With The Grades Page On Google Classroom

Zenva Schools has detailed and informative analytics for teachers to access; they can use them to determine if students are at the desired ability level or not.

The analytics on Zenva Schools include student and classroom monitoring tools; these tools can help teachers identify if their students are progressing or need extra assistance on a particular course. 

You can pair Zenva Schools classroom and student monitoring tools with Google Classroom’s grading system. If you do this, you can get a much more well-rounded idea of the progression level of all your students, as well as organize your assessment tasks with the actual course content.

You can also compare your students’ progress on Zenva Schools’ courses with their progress on other tasks to find the subjects they are better at and enjoy more. Likewise, it’s a great way to determine how excellence in coding can help improve other subject areas like math and science.

You Can Use The Questions Feature To Communicate With Students On Their Progress With Zenva Schools’ Courses

There is a high likelihood that some students will perform better on Zenva Schools’ courses than others. Therefore, communicating with them to understand how they are finding the courses is essential.

Analytics and assessments are brilliant for finding statistics that help you determine your students’ ability level. However, they won’t give you a sense of how your students feel.

This is especially important for coding because there isn’t a ‘right’ course for all students. Different students will resonate with different courses, so the question tool is beneficial for learning if students are absorbing the coding principles in the courses they enjoy.

For example, you can ask questions about how the students are doing on a particular Zenva Schools course; they can provide you feedback so you can help them with anything they find challenging.

Additionally, you can use the questions tab to test students on a concept or idea from a Zenva Schools course that you think they will find difficult to understand. You can compile their answers and talk to the students who are finding the idea hard to understand.

A Final Conclusion On How You Should Use Google Classroom In A Classroom

In summary, Google Classroom has multiple excellent uses for a classroom and is a good tool to pair with Zenva Schools.

Google Classroom gives you the freedom to organize your assignments and make sure both the entire classroom and each individual is remaining engaged. With a complimentary assessment tool, you can also make sure you stay on task, ensure you’re getting grading done on time, and also note which students may not be performing their best.

To add to all this, the question/answer and announcement features make sure you keep an open line of communication with your students.

Zenva Schools can make all these features even better, though. While Google Classroom provides the tools to organize, Zenva Schools can offer the essential content that provides the valuable education you want your students to receive. With plenty of classroom management and analytics built into Zenva Schools as well, working with the two in tandem is a breeze.

Likewise, Google Classroom can make Zenva Schools easier to work with – particularly with the question and answer feature which goes beyond just data to determine student success.

Overall, you can get invaluable use from Google Classroom’s best features, and you can give your students a fantastic learning experience if you pair it with Zenva Schools.

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