Acceptable Use Policy for Students

1. Introduction

Welcome to Zenva Schools, a cloud-based eLearning platform provided by Zenva Pty Ltd. This platform offers curriculum-aligned resources for the Digital Technologies subject. This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs your access and use of Zenva Schools, ensuring a safe and responsible learning environment.

2. Purpose of the AUP This policy aims to:

  • Ensure the secure and effective use of Zenva Schools.
  • Prevent misuse of the platform that could disrupt the educational process.

3. Access to Zenva Schools

Access to Zenva Schools is provided through accounts created and managed by your school’s administrators or teachers. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials.

4. Acceptable Use

Zenva Schools is provided for educational purposes only. It allows you to view video lessons and utilize resources related to coding and game creation.

You are expected to use Zenva Schools responsibly and ethically, respecting the designed functionalities without attempting to alter or undermine the platform’s integrity.

5. User Responsibilities and Restrictions

  1. Account Security: Ensure the security of your account credentials and do not share them with others. Notify your teacher or administrator immediately if you suspect your account has been compromised.
  • Prohibited Actions: Do not engage in activities that attempt to hack, bypass security, reverse engineer, or disrupt any part of Zenva Schools. Additionally, redistributing the content from Zenva Schools without proper authorization is not permitted.

6. Monitoring

Zenva Pty Ltd reserves the right to monitor usage of Zenva Schools to ensure compliance with this policy. Inappropriate use may result in us contacting the school administration or teacher regarding the issue.

7. Changes to the AUP

This policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in legal requirements or our operating procedures. You will be notified of these changes as part of your ongoing access to Zenva Schools.

8. Agreement to the Policy

By using Zenva Schools, you acknowledge that you have read this AUP and agree to adhere to its terms. Non-compliance can affect your ability to use Zenva Schools and participate in the educational offerings.

For more detailed information on your rights and responsibilities as a user of Zenva Schools, please refer to our Terms of Use. The Terms of Use provide comprehensive terms and conditions that govern your use of our services in addition to this Acceptable Use Policy.